Best Tips To Avoid Being Hacked

If you think the hackers won’t ever track you because you are not a dignitary, then you’re mistaken. The hackers always look for vulnerable victims and deem everyone important. Thus, you should understand that maintaining the robust security of your online presence is the key to avoid getting hacked. Here are some quick tips that anyone can follow to protect his or her account.

Keep Your System Updated

The software vendors keep on rolling updates not only for improved features but for also fixing various bugs that could allow potential attacks. Therefore, keep all the programs and apps on your device always updated. This applies for all devices including the computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other gadget.


A VPN, as you already know, completely hides your online presence from the snoopers as well as the government and the ISP. So, using a VPN is always necessary to stay protected from hacks. However, make sure that your VPN does not leak your IP to the DNS server. In case it does, make sure you know how to prevent VPN DNS leaks. The problem is usually common for VPNs working over OpenVPN protocol. So you may choose a VPN that does not use OpenVPN.

Use 2FA On All Accounts

Two-factor authentication is yet another trick to keep the hackers away from your online accounts. Even if the hackers, at any time, succeed in cracking your password, they could still not access your account because of 2FA.


Be Wary Of Phishing

Phishing scams remain the most powerful hacking tool for the crooks. Sending malicious links via emails or random text messages awakens the curious cat within you, because of which you click the link and get hacked. So, keep your curiosity asleep and never click on any clicks being sent to you from unknown sources.

Create Strong And Unique Passwords

Today, there are so many password cracking tools that regardless of how distinct your password is, it is always vulnerable to cracking. So, make sure you create difficult passwords. Not just use alphanumeric combinations, but also include special characters in it. Moreover, never use the same password for any other account. In case you find it difficult to set up strong passwords, try using password managers such as LastPass.